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Siddhartha School’s Accreditation by scottcronenweth
March 15, 2010, 6:30 pm
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In 2009 Siddhartha School officially became “Siddhartha High School” — a fully independent private school accredited by Jammu & Kashmir state to hold classes up through grade 10, the end of “high school” and compulsory education in India. Prior to this accreditation, Siddhartha had operated under the auspices of the prestigious Moravian Mission School in Leh.

Siddhartha School's new sign

Siddhartha School's new sign

Siddhartha High School’s state accreditation is conditional based on a reevaluation that will take place in 2012. Several major improvements to the school’s existing facilities will definitely need to be made by that time, to bring it up to standard, in order for accreditation to continue. These improvements are:

  • Complete the cafeteria, currently under construction. Once this structure is finished the children will have a nice, clean place to eat. Right now the kids eat here and there around the grounds, especially outside in nice weather. The school serves a nutritious lunch to all the children and staff every day. Often it’s dal (lentils) and/or mixed fresh vegetables over rice.
  • Building an examination hall/multipurpose room. Most likely this can be built above the cafeteria. All schools need a space for assemblies and where students can sit for exams. Currently assemblies take place outside in the open courtyard and there is no proper exam space.
  • Creating regulation athletic fields suitable for team sports like football (soccer) and cricket. Grass is out of the question in such an arid area, but a flat spot of dirt free of big rocks would be a big improvement over the current situation — playing cricket in .
  • Enclosing the compound in a mud-brick wall. Money was donated in November 2010 by students of Khen Rinpoche in Maine to fund this project, which will transform the school by excluding feral dogs and donkeys. Then trees and food plants can be grown, which will save and even earn money, provide building supplies and make the school grounds greener.

At current exchange rates, and if the cost of mud bricks stabilizes at current levels (a hydropower project in the region is buying up most of the brick production!) we estimate that it will take only about US$25,000 to complete the cafeteria and exam hall and create an athletic field. If you’re interested in helping us make these important improvements, please visit the Siddhartha Project website ( for more information. Thank you!


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