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Quick Update from Ladakh by scottcronenweth
August 19, 2010, 2:35 pm
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Lisa Blake, a Siddhartha School Project board member who is in Ladakh, was finally able to get a phone call out this morning (August 19) US time. She is well and staying in Stok. School has reopened and, along with the children, Lisa is busy taking part in the digging-out. Those who know him will not be surprised to hear that Khen Rinpoche has been right in there with a shovel himself. One place where they helped out was the hospital in Leh, where mud fills many rooms to a depth of 4 feet. Lisa said the people are just digging the buildings out, by hand, bit by bit, all over the area.

Lisa described the devastation as “unimaginable and horrific” but said things were improving now that the Manali Road is mostly open and food, fuel, etc. can once again be trucked in. The Indian Army has been hard at work on the roads and bridges. Yet many areas are still cut-off from services. Communications are also slowly improving so we hope to have more news to share soon. From across the valley in Stok, Lisa watched the nighttime storm that caused the flood. She said it was “like a demon eating the mountains” — a supernatural force.

Rinpoche’s nephew Vivek is right on the front lines of aid coordination and distribution. Local groups are cooperating to make sure that all needs are covered. Vivek has received about 200,000 rupees (approximately $6,500) from the US, Switzerland and elsewhere. Thank you, everyone, for your prayers and support. We’ll do our best to keep you informed.


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Is someone able to let us know if the children we sponsor and their families are all right? So glad to hear Geshe la is unhurt. What about the children? Thank you!

Comment by Meredith

Hi, Meredith — as far as we know all the kids are physically OK. Communications are still mostly out and everyone over there is very busy digging out. Even the children have been out digging now that school has reopened. We don’t know yet specifically about all the families of all the kids. We will let all the sponsors know ASAP about their children, but it might be awhile yet.

Comment by siddharthaschoolproject

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