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International Fellowship of Buddhist Youth Ladakh distributes flood relief by tsewangnorbuvivek

IFBYL (INT’L FELLOWSHIP OF BUDDHIST YOUTH LADAKH) today, 22nd August, 2010, visited three of the most affected remote far flung villages of ladakh. We met with all the people who were affected by the flood. We distributed 49 nine set of com…plete beddings (one double sized bed quilt, one mattress, one blanket, one pillow and Rs. 2000 cash to all those people who were badly affected. This is our first phase of the RELIEF WORK. Our next phase of relief work will be to visit the hospital on Tuesday, and talk to all the patients and distribute a small packet of fruits and bread, and also pray for their speedy recovery. Third phase will be to visit more remote villages which are currently cut off as the roads are washed away. The army is fixing the road and once it is ready we will immediately rush to the affected areas with our relief goods and cash.

— Tsering Norbu Vivek, Siddhartha SchoolIFBYL team


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Thank you for your interest in working in Ladakh.
Since you do not specifically mention Siddhartha School, I will kindly reply that we do not have an office or contacts in Delhi.
Best of luck,
Lisa V. Blake
Executive Director

Comment by siddharthaschoolproject

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