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Situation improving in Ladakh by scottcronenweth
September 5, 2010, 8:52 pm
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Tsewang Norbu Vivek, International Secretary to Siddhartha School, sent the note that follows on September 3 to Joli Greene, President of the Siddhartha School Project board of directors. So far, friends of Siddhartha School in the US have donated over $6,000 in humanitarian aid to Ladakh. Vivek is channeling this money directly to the people who need it most, as his note describes:

Dear Joli,

Thank you so much for your kind donation. Well things are getting better now with a lot of reliefs coming in. We have so far covered 5 villages with a complete set of winter beddings with Rupees 2000/- cash [about US$60] to those who lost literally everything. On sunday we are providing fodder for two village animals as they lost all their fields both the fodder and wheat and barley fields. We are providing atleast 10 truck loads of fodder and also complete bed sets to all the flood victims.

At the school everything is going on fine. We have collected Rs. 40,250 from 5 days salaries of all the staff for the staff who were affected by the flood and about Rs. 15,000 from all the students to be distributed amongst all the students who were affected by the flood.

We are still planning to provide winter jackets to all those were affected by the flood. Hopefully by October we can do that.. Thanks once again for your kind generosity.

TN Vivek


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There is so much energy and generosity flowing out of this tragedy. We are blessed to have so many committed hearts helping out. Thank you to all who are contributing in so many ways!

Lisa le

Comment by LIsa V. Blake

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